Leafy Green: Kale
Vegetable: All types of squash
Potato: Sweet
Bean: Black
Vinegar: Balsamic
Fancy Oil: Roasted Walnut Oil, Truffle Oil
Herb(s): Dill, mint, basil
Method: Roasting
Milk: Almond
Nut: Almond, or pine nuts if they weren’t so damn expensive
Nut Butter: Almond
Eggs: Scrambled
Bread: Calandra’s Bakery (locations in NJ). Try the French or Panella
Seasoning: Sea Salt
Beer: Belgian
Wine: Gimme a good rose’ any day.
Salad: the raw, shaved artichoke salad at Teodora’s
Everyday Food Store: Whole Foods
Specialty Food Store: Eataly
Pizza: PizzaTown USA, Elmwood Park, NJ (Make sure you let it rest a few minutes before digging in).
Breakfast: Savory
Restaurant: TBD 


2 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. I grew up 3 blocks behind pizza town in elmwood park. My mom would send me up there with a dollar to come home with a dozen zeppoles. I don’t think I made it home with all 12 zeppoles ever….hard to believe that PizzaTown is still there….so glad you mentioned my hometown in your blog! Great memories of great food!

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