A Taste of Charleston, SC

Full disclosure: I didn’t think I would love Charleston as much as I did. I am not a Southern girl. At all. I love my large metropolises and trendy restaurants, but Charleston is one of those places that makes you realize that yes, there is life outside of New York City, and even south of the Mason Dixon line. The city really surprised me (in a good way), right down to the food.

For our first night in Charleston, we sprung for a traditional Lowcountry meal. I had read about Slightly North of Broad (or SNOB, as the locals call it) in a few Best-of Charleston guides, and it had been on my (lengthy) list of restaurants to try. After making the 9 hour drive from DC, nothing sounded better than fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I don’t know if it was the hunger or the fatigue, but the food was incredible. The fried chicken was perfectly moist inside, deliciously crunchy outside. The sausage gravy was salty and savory, the perfect thing to dip your mashed potatoes and biscuit into. And hidden underneath the chicken were some of the most memorable collards I’ve ever had. And the best part, we arrived in Charleston in the middle of restaurant week (and the secret Blake Lively-Ryan Reynolds wedding): 3 courses at SNOB for $30. We finished the meal off with white chocolate-blueberry bread pudding and vowed to walk everywhere for the next 3 days. A promise we made good on…

We took a break from heavy Southern food when we had lunch at Taco Boy, an adorable tacquiera steps from Folley Beach, not once, but twice during the 3 days that we were in Charleston. While everything that I sampled was delicious, the Avocado Tempura taco was almost too good to be true, especially while enjoyed alongside a pineapple-cinnamon margarita and the ocean breeze. The delicately tempura-ed avocado was unique, something that I never tried before. And the spicy-yet-sweet thai chili glaze made the dish. On my second visit I ordered two of these tacos for lunch, and I was a very happy girl. Someone in NYC please recreate these ASAP!

The weather throughout our trip couldn’t have been better. While the fall chill was settling upon NYC, we were enjoying the beach, sunshine, and some of the most adorable cobblestone streets I’ve ever walked upon. I can’t wait to go back!


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