An Ode to Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is one of those things that makes me indescribably happy. It seems strange, silly even, but iced coffee, and more importantly “iced coffee weather,” is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face and a caffeine-induced pep in my step.

Iced coffee is one of those sensory foods that takes me back to a certain time and place. Whenever I drink an iced coffee, I’m transported back to my college campus on a perfect early spring day. The weather is just warm enough to wear short sleeves and not worry about having to tote around the sweater, the birds are singing and the grass is impossibly green in the way that college campus grass always is. I’m people watching with my best friends on the picnic tables outside the library, drinking iced coffees or iced caramel macchiatos. We could be painting our nails, reading magazines, or just chatting, but we are most definitely skipping class.

Even though my life is a lot different now and my afternoon iced coffee is sipped in my cubicle rather than in the grass, that first sip always makes me smile and think about those days in college that we all wish could’ve lasted forever.


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