An Ode to Iced Coffee

An Ode to Iced Coffee

ced coffee is one of those things that makes me indescribably happy. It seems strange, silly even, but iced coffee, and more importantly “iced coffee weather,” is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face and a caffeine-induced pep in my step. Continue reading


Pisticci Restaurant

I’ll admit it. I’m a complete and total snob when it comes to Italian food. But it’s not my fault that no restaurant pasta dish could ever surpass my 100-year-old great grandmother’s homemade pasta, my mother’s meatballs, or my grandpa’s beloved rigatoni. Needless to say, I was skeptical when one of my college friends raved about the best Italian restaurant in the city, which also happened to be in our neighborhood, Pisticci. So we strolled up Broadway one sunny, warm evening with empty stomachs in tow. This was something I had to taste to believe. Continue reading

Southwest Cilantro Turkey Burgers

Southwest Cilantro Turkey Burgers

On Sundays, I always spend the day with one of my college friends/neighbors. We eat the best bagels, drink lots of coffee, and indulge in a little window shopping (which inevitably turns into real shopping, oops). We always end the afternoon at Whole Foods and cook dinner together, followed by wine, dessert, and HGTV, of course. After hours of walking about the neighborhood, we’re pretty tired and hungry, and want something we can be enjoying in 30 minutes — tops. Usually, this means salmon or pasta, but this Sunday we were in the mood for something different, so I decided to experiment with some turkey burgers. Continue reading