Pea Pesto Crostini

Every year, my mom travels to Europe on a 2 week school trip (she’s a teacher), and arrives home the Saturday before Easter. Since she usually spends the rest of Saturday catching up on sleep, Easter dinner is largely my responsibility. Did I mention the guest list usually reaches 30+?!

For occasions like this, it’s necessary to have a few easy appetizers in your repertoire that you can throw together the day before. Even better if they use mostly pantry staples. This Pea Pesto Crostini is just that. After all, who doesn’t have a lonely bag of frozen peas in their freezer? And in my house, parmesan cheese and garlic are always on hand.

Isn’t the color of this so springy?

Pea Pesto Crostini (adapted from Giada de Laurentiis)

1/2 of a 32 oz bag frozen peas, defrosted
1 cup parmesan cheese (good quality)
3 gloves garlic
1/3 c of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

1-2 loafs of the best French bread you can find. We used Calandra’s, of course.

Combine your peas, parmesan cheese, garlic cloves, and olive oil in a food processor and blend to your desired consistency. I found that I liked my pesto with some peas still intact. I skipped the whole crostini method that Giada used because well, there is nothing quite like a fresh loaf of Calandra’s bread and I’m surely not going to ruin it by toasting it. Spread pesto on said slices of bread and you’re ready to go. Pesto can be made the night before.

These were definitely the hit of the party. I can’t tell you how many times someone was stopping me to tell me how great they were or ask what was in them. No one believed how easy they were, either.

Since there was quite a bit of pesto leftover, I decided to try it over some pasta, and I can assure you that I will be making this again for dinner very soon. I boiled my whole wheat pasta, added the asparagus with a minute or two left in cooking, mixed the pesto in while it was piping hot, and added my salmon just before serving. The perfect complete meal in a bowl.


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