Brunch at Friend of a Farmer

Brunch is the quintessential “New York” meal. I don’t think people elsewhere brunch the way we do. Maybe it’s because it’s relaxing after a week full of working late, happy hours that turn into happy nights, and general running around the city? Or will we just use any excuse for good company and a good meal? Reasons aside, brunch has always been one of my favorite Saturday (or Sunday) morning pastimes. Brunch can be romantic or familial. Equally enjoyable recounting the events of the night before with friends over a french press full of coffee or sitting across the table from a handsome man.

After what seemed like centuries (when in reality it was only a week or two), my coolest friend and I finally scheduled our catch-up brunch date at Friend of a Farmer. I chose our brunch location on a whim, and after a brief wait outside on a chilly, misty morning, we settled into our cozy table, where we stayed for the better part of two hours thanks to our endless supply of perfect french pressed coffee.

french press coffee

I can’t say enough about this coffee. It was truly delicious in the way that French press coffee is. And things only improved from here…

Like any seasoned bruncher, I often have the great internal conflict … sweet or savory? I’m not a person that can usually be satisfied by one or the other. Sometimes, this is a problem because menus do not offer an option for the indecisive. But luckily, Friend of a Farmer had the perfect compromise on the menu: The Boomer Special.

I chose blueberry pancakes as my sweet addition, and they were just perfect — packed with sweet blueberries and wonderfully fluffy. I love a good scrambled egg and these were standard, but did not disappoint. And what’s brunch without a little bacon? We took a break from our “what are we doing with our lives” conversation to clean our plates.

Another thing I loved, my mini-sized jar of real maple syrup. It made my day in the way that only mini sweet things can.

It’s safe to say that Friend of a Farmer has become our brunch date place. Follow with a bit of shopping, and you have the recipe for a perfect Saturday.

Friend of a Farmer
71 Irving Place
New York, NY 


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