Grom Gelato

This week, we had a day or two where spring in NYC actually seemed like a possibility. I live for these February days, and since I work dangerously close to Central Park, sunshine is the best way to break up the workday. On Friday, I found myself wearing my trench coat, strolling around aimlessly at lunch, and savoring some Grom Gelato, naturally.

While I pretty much love any kind of gelato, Grom gelato is especially creamy and perfect. The Niccola (hazlenut) is the best I’ve ever tasted, ever. I’d like to think I’ve had a lot of gelato in my day. After all, I did basically spend my summer nights drinking beer at La Birreria at Eataly. There was rarely a time when I left without sampling a new gelato flavor. The Niccola at Grom is so creamy and so hazelnutty, and not too sweet. While I’m sure the other flavors at Grom are just as delicious, I can never bring myself to stray from my beloved Niccola.

Grom Gelato
1796 Broadway
New York, NY
(more locations throughout the city) 


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