The Art of the Cappuccino

Growing up with Italian grandparents, I learned early on that no day is complete without a sweet treat and a cappuccino. While I can’t just pop over to their house now that I’m, you know, and “adult,” living in New York City, a restaurant cappuccino is a welcome substitute.

I prefer my restaurant cappuccinos oversized and overflowing with foam. Topped with cinnamon is always a nice touch. I like big mugs that you can cradle in the palm of your hands. But my very favorite cappuccinos are those that you sip and the foam reaches the tip of your nose while the smooth espresso warms the back of your throat.


Cappuccino at Nice Matin

But truly, if I’m being honest, the way to my heart is through cappuccino art. This beauty from Nice Matin on the Upper West Side was as elegant as it was warm and comforting. Adorned with leaves and hearts, this was one cappuccino that was pretty enough for a picture. There is something about an excellent cappuccino that transports me right back to my grandparents kitchen counter.

This cappuccino was the perfect way to end a delicious three course meal (stuffed eggplant, pork loin and rissoto, warm chocolate cake with TOASTED MARSHMALLOW ice cream), and an evening spent with old and new friends.


One thought on “The Art of the Cappuccino

  1. omg kaitlin i’m just loving this stuff, the apple does not fall far from the tree with you, what great recipes and restaurant suggestions, thanks

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